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Excise tax

Our Excise Tax Team offers their experience to assist taxpayers in solving problems, taking into account the specific nature of particular sectors of business operations being subject to excise tax, i.e. energy, alcoholic beverage, tobacco product, and automotive sectors. Our advisory services in this area comprise in particular:

  • day-to-day advisory and consultation services;
  • opinions on the taxation of excise goods, including in respect of the use of preferential tax rates, tax exemptions and exclusions; and on compliance of Polish regulations with EU directives;
  • advisory on correct statistical classification (common nomenclature) of excise goods, also for the purpose of obtaining Binding Tariff Information;
  • review of trade agreements in terms of potential excise tax implications;
  • supervision over and consultation of changes in taxpayers’ internal systems arising from changes in tax regulations (review of amendments to excise tax documentation);
  • settlement of uncertainties about keeping excise tax records, submitting returns, applying tax payment principles, and about performing other administrative obligations, e.g. concerning the provision of excise tax deposits or correct completion of balancing documentation;
  • assistance in obtaining approval for a fixed excise tax deposit or an exemption therefrom;
  • support for Clients in tax proceedings and court actions concerning excise tax, including representation before tax authorities and administrative courts.

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