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Income tax

Our team of tax advisors and attorneys-at-law from the Income Tax Practice is composed of experts with long-term experience who provide comprehensive advisory services comprising e.g.:

  • advice on solving problems connected with day-to-day business operations, including reviews of the correct recognition of revenues and costs for tax purposes;
  • tax analysis of the valid agreements and preparation of appropriate amendments in order to mitigate adverse tax implications (e.g. licence agreements, agreements for management services, business financing contracts);
  • tax analysis of mergers, acquisitions, capital restructurings, and liquidations of business entities in respect of e.g. evaluation of the overall costs and benefits of the planned actions;
  • advisory on selecting favourable funds accumulation methods for financing operational and investment activities, including preparation of comparative studies of alternative business financing options, depending on the Client’s needs and expectations;
  • comprehensive advisory for both Polish and foreign employers and employees on e.g. planning employment structures and the associated tax law and social security obligations;
  • employment structures planned for Polish citizens abroad, and the associated tax law and social security obligations;
  • designs of the most efficient structures for remunerations of managers and board members from the perspective of tax and social security burdens;
  • assistance in preparing business entities for tax inspections with particular emphasis on the most sensitive areas, as well as in preparing foreigners, directors and employees for tax/fiscal inspections of personal income tax matters; support for managers during proceedings concerning penal-fiscal criminal offences.

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