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Intellectual Property

The Intellectual Property practice provides comprehensive services in the field of civil law, with particular emphasis on copyright, press law and industrial property law.


As part of comprehensive legal advice in the field of intellectual property, we offer:

  • designing and giving opinions on contracts transferring property rights and license agreements;
  • legal services for organizers of cultural events (including festivals, concerts);
  • legal service related to film and television production;
  • legal advice to music producers and publishers;
  • provision of services for press publishers (including entities providing websites and internet portals);
  • representation of clients in the scope of pursuing claims, including in court disputes concerning, among others violations of proprietary and personal property rights, industrial property rights;
  • audits of legal solutions in the field of intellectual property rights within a given company and consultancy regarding their protection and commercialization;
  • obtaining protection certificates and patent documents;
  • protection of the Client's personal goods (including reputation, secret of correspondence, image);
  • pursuing claims under the provisions of the Act on Combating Unfair Competition;
  • preparing and negotiating contracts and agreements regarding the transfer of rights and granting licenses for the use of trademarks and other labels of goods and entrepreneurs, including patents;
  • verification of the correct use of the sign for advertising purposes;
  • developing a protection strategy for know-how;
  • supporting clients in quick response to violations of their rights;
  • advice on the use of intellectual property rights as collateral.


Paweł Tomczykowski

Paweł Tomczykowski

Managing Partner, President

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