Legal / Labour law and social security regulations

Labour law and social security regulations

Labour law and social security regulations The Labour Law Practice provides our Clients with comprehensive advisory on labour law, social security, and foreigner employment.

Our purpose is to support Polish and foreign business entities in the application of labour, social security, and immigration regulations by way of delivering efficient and secure solutions that meet the business entities’ needs.

The services we provide cover support for the Clients, among other things, in the following areas:

• providing day-to-day and comprehensive advisory on individual and collective labour law and on social insurance regulations,

• designing and giving opinions on labour law documentation, including: documents connected with the establishment and termination of employment relationship, non-competition and non-disclosure agreements, by-laws, and internal policies,

• co-operating with managers, including members of company management boards, comprising e.g. the determination of methods and principles of their co-operation,

• designing customized employment structures and employee remuneration systems,

• negotiating the conditions of employment and of employment relationship termination with employees, including “difficult” employees, and executives,

• co-operating with employees’ representatives, including with trade unions and works councils, in preparing and giving opinions on collective agreements; carrying out negotiations with employees’ representatives, including members of trade unions and works councils, and providing support during industrial disputes,

• conducting employment law due diligences in order to verify the correct application of labour regulations and to propose safer and more efficient solutions,

• analysing the employer’s social activity, including within the company fund of social benefits,

• handling M&A aspects pertaining to employment law,

• restructuring employment structures, comprising the transfer or liquidation of work establishments or their parts, and group lay-offs,

• legalizing the work and stay of foreigners in Poland,

• seconding Polish citizens abroad and third-country citizens to Poland,

• representing Clients in court actions the subject of which are claims arising from employment relationships, and in proceedings against the Social Security Office (ZUS),

• taking advantage of external employment services, including temporary workers and outsourcing,

• taking advantage of employment based on civil law (under a mandate contract, specific-task contract or service agreement),

• implementing and supporting the operations of employee capital plans (PPK), employee pension schemes, and other pension programmes,

• handling matters of health and safety at work,

• handling inspections of the National Labour Inspectorate and the Social Security Office,

• handling crisis situations e.g. arising from accidents at work or from the need to terminate an employment contract effective immediately,

• preventing undesirable situations in the work establishment, including discrimination and mobbing, covering also support during internal inquiries,

• conducting training courses (including online) for employers, managers, and other employees in labour law, social insurance and immigration regulations.

While providing our Clients with labour law services, we co-operate with other Law Firm’s Practices, thus the solutions we propose are comprehensive and also accommodate issues connected with civil law, commercial law, and tax regulations.

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dr Agata Miętek

Managing Associate of Labour Law Practice

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