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Mergers and Acquisitions

The Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Practice provides advisory from the stage of due diligence, through preparation and negotiation of the entire transaction documentation, to transaction closing and the post-transaction stage. Our experts serve the Client with their advice and professional knowledge, irrespective of which party the client is (buyer/seller).

As a result of co-operation with the experts in our tax planning, income tax, transfer pricing, and VAT teams, as well as external professionals (financial institutions, auditors, and appraisers), we ensure comprehensive transaction advisory.

We offer comprehensive services for the following transactions:

  • trading in enterprises or their parts;
  • disposal/acquisition of shares/stocks;
  • mergers and acquisitions, including cross-border transactions;
  • divisions of companies;
  • company purchase as part of restructuring projects.

M&A transaction advisory covers:

  • vendor due diligence enabling preparation of the company disposal;
  • legal due diligence enabling identification of legal risks in the target company;
  • capital restructuring of the seller;
  • planning and implementing an optimum transaction structure;
  • establishing incentive schemes for the management;
  • legal post-transaction support, in particular in terms of potential claims arising from breaches of warranties given in the transaction documentation.

Our M&A project services are characterised by:

  • close co-operation with the Client at each transaction stage;
  • in-depth analysis carried out jointly with our Law Firm’s tax planning team, leading to preparation of transaction structures being effective both in terms of legal solutions and tax settlements;
  • Client support during negotiations;
  • swift and efficient performance of projects;
  • flexibility of the services, and of the communication and reporting methods;
  • support in the search for business partners;
  • assistance in the selection of financial advisors and financial institutions.

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Karol Sowa

Karol Sowa

Mergers and Acquisitions Practice Leader

+48 22 480 81 00

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