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Ongoing Advisory

We have been providing the services of day-to-day tax support for years now, ensuring swift answers to our Clients’ inquiries. It is our Clients’ most frequently preferred form of co-operation. This is because many Clients value the possibility of quick consultations of the existing tax concerns without the need for the terms and conditions of the order being determined every time.

Co-operation based on day-to-day tax advisory enables us to familiarise ourselves in detail with our Clients’ business and tax situation, which in turn positively affects the accuracy and effectiveness of the solutions we propose.

Such co-operation enables ongoing reactions to the current tax problems, and consists in:

  • preparation of written tax opinions on any aspect of the Client’s current business operations;
  • analysis of agreements, understandings or other legal documents in terms of their correct structure and the associated tax consequences;
  • telephone and e-mail consultations on tax matters arising in our Client’s daily business;
  • preparation and maintenance of ongoing contacts with tax authorities (preparation of submissions, visits to authorities, etc.);
  • participation in meetings, arrangements of which may be confirmed with written opinions upon request.

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Paweł Tomczykowski

Paweł Tomczykowski

Managing Partner, President

+ 48 22 480 81 00

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