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Real estate

A vast majority of business entities use real properties in their business operations. An unavoidable consequence of this is real estate tax. It is frequently imposed in an amount higher than it should be. This tax should be paid in an amount required under the law.

We deal in particular with:

  • reviewing the real property status from the legal and tax perspective;
  • reviewing the real property status in terms of technical aspects, including taking on-site visits and architectural measurements;
  • advising on decreasing tax costs in all the categories of the land, buildings and structures;
  • advising on the recovery of overpaid real estate tax;
  • advising and assisting during tax inspections and at every stage of tax, court and administrative proceedings.

The purpose of our advisory services is first of all to identify the opportunities for decreasing the real estate tax due under the applicable law, case law and based on the actual condition of our Clients’ real properties.

Significantly, on 1 January 2016 the amended Act on Local Taxes and Charges entered into effect. The amendments cover e.g. the tax on real properties unsuitable for business operations. Currently, preferential tax can be applied only to buildings and structures in relation to which a final decision of the building supervision authority has been issued.

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