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Tax planning

The same business objective can be pursued through numerous business models and within different legal structures. We advise our Clients on managing their existing businesses and organising those planned, so that their actions can be more efficient not only from the business and legal perspectives but also in terms of taxes.

While we advise our Clients, we consider not only the regulations in effect but also intended changes in the law. This approach enables us to produce long-term solutions.

Our services cover e.g.:

  • advisory on legal and tax aspects of succession of businesses/assets with the use of domestic and international solutions;
  • comprehensive tax advisory on restructuring business operations (mergers, divisions, non-cash contributions, transformations, and establishment of new business entities);
  • tax planning of how to redistribute affluent people’s profits;
  • comprehensive tax advisory on mergers and acquisitions;
  • comprehensive legal and tax advisory on exiting investments, i.e. on selling real properties, interests in companies/partnerships, and other valuable property items;
  • development and implementation of structures enabling securitisation of receivables with the use of entities based in Poland and abroad;
  • advisory on legal and tax aspects of structuring debt financing;
  • capital structures planned based on Polish and foreign investment funds;
  • development of concepts of and assistance in establishment of tax capital groups;
  • comprehensive legal and tax advisory on research and development activities from the perspective of tax relief applicability;
  • tax audits of the existing structures in terms of the already introduced regulations preventing avoidance of taxation, and the planned circumvention of the law clause.

What we value the most is the safety of our Clients and implementation of long-term strategies for development of their businesses. At the core of our projects is all-inclusive security of the contemplated transactions.

In implementing international projects, we co-operate with renowned tax and legal advisors from appropriate jurisdictions.

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Paweł Stańczyk

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