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The Transaction Tax Team provides specialist tax advisory services as part of broadly understood transaction processes applicable to M&A, real estate, acquisition of financing, reorganisation of assets belonging to capital groups, business entities, and private investors (HNWI). We service Clients and transactions in all the sectors of the economy. We use our transaction tax expertise and experience in developing transaction concepts from the perspective of security and tax efficiency and in carrying out company due diligences before the transactions; we advise on SPA, APA and the ancillary transaction documentation, until the transaction is closed and post-transaction tax settlement process is complete.


Our Services

Our team consists of experts having experience in transaction tax advisory covering the following transactions and processes:

  • sale of stocks, shares, all the rights and obligations in partnerships
  • establishment of and exit from joint ventures
  • partner’s/shareholder’s withdrawal from a partnership/company, partial redemption of stocks/shares and decrease of his contribution
  • disposal of an enterprise, its part, or specific assets
  • mergers, transformations, and divisions of companies or of other business entities
  • post-transaction reorganisation of the acquired assets


Transaction tax advisory covers the following major activities:

  • tax due diligences leading to preparation of the company for sale (VDD) and focused on identification of tax risks in the target company and on development of methods to address the same during the transaction process
  • seller’s capital restructuring
  • development of the acquirer’s investment structure
  • implementation of an optimum and safe transaction structure
  • development and negotiation of tax aspects of the transaction documentation
  • post-transaction tax support, including consolidation and reorganisation of the assets acquired, or reorganisation of the seller’s operations
  • representation during transaction disputes, in particular arising from breaches of tax representations and warranties made in the transaction documentation



Bartłomiej Biały

Bartłomiej Biały

Transaction Tax Practice Leader

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