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Our Law Firm provides Clients with comprehensive whistleblowing services. Our goal is to support entrepreneurs in building mechanisms preventing and eliminating workplace irregularities, which also mitigate business risks.

Whistleblowing systems will soon become a legal obligation for large enterprises. Before 17 December 2021 Poland should implement an EU Directive on the protection of persons who report breaches of Union law, according to which entities employing at least 250 individuals will have to implement an internal whistleblowing system by 17 December 2021. Beginning with 17 December 2023, the same obligation will rest with entities employing 50 to 249 individuals. Whistleblowing mechanisms based on Union law should comprise at least one reporting channel (e.g. e-mail, application, hotline) that ensures confidentiality of information. Reports should be accepted and verified by impartial persons carrying out with due care an explanatory investigation. Ensuring compliance of whistleblowing policies with Union regulations (which will soon be implemented in Polish law) is of enormous importance, as non-compliance or retaliation actions taken against the whistleblower may entail adverse legal and financial consequences.

Our Law Firm provides Clients with comprehensive whistleblowing services covering support in the following areas:

  • implementation of a whistleblowing system:
    • preparation of whistleblowing policies,
    • training for managers in key legal and compliance aspects of the whistleblowing system implementation and operation,
    • training for employees in the correct usage of whistleblowing mechanisms,
  • ongoing and comprehensive handling of a whistleblowing system:
    •  examination of reports,
    • feedback to whistleblowers,
    • recommendations of follow-up actions,
  • support during internal explanatory investigations of the irregularities reported,
  • legal management of disputes with employees, including representation of the Client in court,
  • training for employers, managers, and other employees in different legal aspects of whistleblowing, 
  • audit of a whistleblowing system.

While providing our Clients with whistleblowing services, we co-operate with other Law Firm’s Practices, thus the solutions we propose are comprehensive and also accommodate issues connected with labour law, civil law, tax law or commercial law.

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