ANTI-CRISIS SHIELD 2.0 - What are the changes?


On 17 April 2020 the President of the Republic of Poland signed the Act on Special Instruments of Support in Connection with the Spread of the SARS-CoV-2 Virus dated 16 April 2020 (further: Anti-Crisis Shield 2.0)

We help pro publico bono!


Our attitude is far from being indifferent during the time of combating the COVID-19 pandemic.

Anti Crisis Shield - i.e. Special Act in its final shape


In the case of applications for tax payment reliefs being deferment of the payment deadline or division of tax liabilities or tax arrears into instalments, the legislator resigned from charging a prolongation fee

Legal Alert: Activities Of Authorities In Limited Liability Company During Epidemic


The Polish Code of Commercial Companies (“CCC”) does not provide for regulations about holding management board meetings by way of using means of direct distance communication



A Survival Guide for Entrepreneurs in 7 simple steps prepared by the COVID 19 Team at Ożóg Tomczykowski Events of force majeure, namely those that are outside the parties’ control and impossible to anticipate, such as the COVID 19 virus epidemic, have a negative impact on the economic condition of many entrepreneurs.

The government announces the scope of support within the “Anti-Crisis Shield


The government announces the scope of support within the “Anti-Crisis Shield” The economic crisis is estimated to be stronger than the economic recession in the years 2008-2009. The government plans to allocate PLN 220 billion to combat the epidemic consequences. The planned support is divided into 5 pillars:

A message to our Clients, friends, and business partners in connection with the development of the epidemic situation in Poland and across the world.


Please see below a message to our Clients, friends, and business partners in connection with the development of the epidemic situation in Poland and across the world.

The Ministry of Development is intensively working on changes for entrepreneurs in the face of epidemic crisis


The Ministry of Development is intensively working on changes for entrepreneurs in the face of epidemic crisis.

Alert – OECD report on financial transactions


The OECD has recently published (February 2020) the much-awaited report “Transfer Pricing Guidance on Financial Transactions”. For the first time the OECD guidance describes matters applicable to the transfer pricing aspects of financial transactions. The information contained in the new guidance covers the application of the arm’s length principle to financial transactions between related parties, as well as practical issues connected with valuation of transactions such as loans, cash pooling,

No resolution of Supreme Administrative Court on Polish Classification of Products and Services contained in applications for individual rulings


On 20 January 2020 a session of the Supreme Administrative Court composed of 7 judges was held to evaluate the nature of the Polish Classification of Products and Services (PKWiU) in proceedings for issuing tax rulings. The Court decided to refuse to adopt a resolution on that matter (file ref. no. I FPS 3/19).

Transfer Pricing Alert – listed companies’ new reporting obligations concerning transactions with related parties


New reporting obligations for listed companies were introduced under the Act on Amending the Act on Public Offerings and Conditions for Introducing Financial Instruments to an Organised Trading System and on Public Companies dated 16 October 2019 and Certain other Acts. The Act has been in effect since 30 November 2019. The regulations in questions are the outcome of the implementation of Directive (EU) 2017/828 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 May 2017.

Ożóg Tomczykowski Law Firm is participating in the meeting of Entrepreneurship Council at Polish President’s Office


Today a meeting of the Entrepreneurship Council at the Polish President’s Office is being held in the Presidential Palace, focusing primarily on efficient succession in Polish family businesses. The main aspect to be addressed will be the concept of introducing into the Polish legal system a family foundation institution, which is well-known and widely used in other European jurisdictions.

Ożóg Tomczykowski Law Firm advised owners of one of the largest car dealers in Warsaw on sale of the company


Over the past six months Ożóg Tomczykowski Law Firm has advised the owners of the company Rowiński Wajdemajer spółka z o.o. being one of the largest Warsaw dealerships of Volkswagen and Audi cars, on the sale of 100% shares in the company to the industry investor being the partnership Auto Handel Centrum Cichy Grupa Cichy sp. j., with its registered office in Wysogotowo.

e-KRS and simple joint-stock company still on the waiting list


As reported by the Ministry of Development, the Sejm Justice Committee supported the MPs’ amendments to the government's Bill Amending the Code of Civil Procedure and Some Other Acts (Sejm prints nos. 45 and 45A). One of the consequences thereof will be postponing by one year - until 1 March 2021 - the entry into force of the provisions regarding the Simple Joint-Stock Company. This is due to the deferred introduction of electronic registration process. The amendments were not prepared by the Mi

Tax Alert: Transfer pricing adjustments in practice


The year end is a busy time for taxpayers making settlements with business partners. For transactions carried out with related parties, new principles of transfer pricing adjustments should be in place for transactions entered into after 1 January 2019.

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