News / 12. Lewiatan’s Sailing Races!

12. Lewiatan’s Sailing Races!


12. Lewiatan’s Sailing Races!

From 30.08 to 01.09 the twelfth Lewiatan Confederation Sailing Races will be held in Kamień. Ożóg Tomczykowski Law Firm’s crew made up of Roksana Barysz, Anna Kalbarczyk, Paweł Stańczyk, Monika Wystrychowska-Zwiślak, Paweł Szumowski will compete with 41 other crews.

Traditionally on Friday, an open-deck OMEGA or SIGMA yacht racing will be held, and the corporate integration eventing will feature a concert of Tomasz Paciorek. On Saturday and Sunday we will go cabin yachts racing blended with integration during a concert of GLASSGO on Saturday night.

Last year we won the first place. Can this success be repeated this year? Keep your fingers crossed.


Anna Turska

Vice President

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