Agnieszka Ławnicka

Senior Associate

Senior Associate


T: 22 480 81 00

Agnieszka has been providing legal and tax advisory services to corporate clients for over ten years.

Agnieszka is an attorney-at-law and a tax advisor. Representing Clients in disputes with tax authorities, she specializes in managing administrative, and court & administrative proceedings (in particular involving tax matters), as well as business lawsuits. Her legal and tax advisory services have been enjoyed by corporate Clients for over 10 years now.  She has been representing Clients since 2011 in the course of numerous tax audits and procedures, as well as court & administrative proceedings. Agnieszka is also responsible for comprehensive legal services provided both at the stage of investment processes and at the stage of court disputes.


    Indirect taxes (VAT, excise and customs)

    Tax proceedings


    Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw

    Faculty of Journalism and Political Science, University of Warsaw




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